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At Spirit Wings Productions LLC, we have created a YA fantasy books that help young readers find meaning in the world and promote peace. Our stories are inspired by biblical themes and values, giving our readers a unique perspective on life’s biggest questions. We are committed to creating stories that both entertain and educate.

Spirit Wings Campus in white
Spirit Wings The Academy held up in teh sky
Spirit wings Academy in white
Sandy Solis
Sandy Solis 2023

Lives in Oklahoma, married over 40 years, one married daughter

These books bring sunshine to a dark world.
Icy day in Oklahoma

Find peace and joy while reading this book series! May it help you find purpose in life and partner with the LORD.

The unseen world of the spirit
Angel Anton

Make sense of the world around you

Big Plans
Jesse on flyer

Full-length major motions pictures, video games, graphic novels

Biblerock Publishing

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