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Spirit Wings Journey

Ruby head shot
Sword white- Blade of Prophecy

Ruby - Earth. Earth refers to working the soil of hearts- intercession. She is the youngest of her team, but more developed in spiritual warfare.

Ruby earth

Ruby Alavarez

Theme song by Jordan BarnesJordan Barnes
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Ruby Alvarez
Ruby close up
Destiny from Spirit Wings book series

Destiny - Wind. She is the oldest of her team, she often says " In the fullness of time" She keeps Ruby and Jesse from extremes, as she is the level-headed wiser one. why wind? She blows Jesse's fire and brings Ruby fresh wisdom.

Destiny wind of the Spirit Realm
Destiny  Spirit Wings Book series Character
Sword white.png

Destiny Morris

Jesse close up
Sword white.png

Jesse Logan

Jesse - fire. Fire because of his

passion. He feels deeply and is

loyal, a young man of

action. He shows people

the love of God.

"Let's do this"

is his theme!

Why does his hair

have white in it?

You will have to read the

books to find out!

Jesse fire of the Spirit
Jesse close up
Jesse older warrior in the Spirit Realm
Jesse tears
Jesse eyes
Jesse  from Spirit Wings Book Sereis
Jesse older with man bun
Jesse knocked down by a prophet?
Spidrit Wings Campus in white
Sword white.png

Spirit Wings Academy

Spirit Winbgs Campus in white closer
Asher Angel from Spirit Wings YA books
Asher M4  and pet horse YA fantsy book series by Sandy Solis
Sword white.png


ANTON AND TIGER YA Fantasy book series by Sandy Solis
Ruby Runs with sword

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